Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Animoto about Tablet PC's

My Animoto about Tablet PC's

This is the first part of the presentation. This is to show what the tablet PC's look like. The video is in the blog above

Sunday, March 16, 2008


If all of our students at our school would use tablet PC's:
In IT we could have a plain room with a few plugs. We would take out our laptops and plug them into the the plugs. Then we could start to work. If we didn't finish something we could just save it on the computer and do the rest at home. At the moment we only have normal computers so you need to log into your account and you need a USB to save something on and work on it at home. With the Tablet PC for every student you also save money. The students only need one and no other computers will be needed for everybody has one. In other subjects you wouldn't need to build computer labs since you cand use it in class. I think it would be very useful to use Tablet PC's in school.