Sunday, May 25, 2008

Final Evaluation

The Design of my project didn't change a lot from my original ideas. I had planned the design from the beginning and just had to do the practical work. Some strong points I think was the blog. I had everything I needed and all the other projects embeded on it. A weak point was the voicethread. It was not very amusing and actually plain boring to watch. On eway to improve it would have been to rethink the whole script of the voicethread and ask another person what he or she thinks. Then I could do something to make it better and ask another person what he or she thinks. That way I could have gotten the opinion of a lot of different people and maybe would have done a better job. The unit overall was very interesting. There were many different things to do the project about and it was not hard. You just need to do your work properly and don't forget anything (especialy the URL for the blog). I can just recommend this project to other students.

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