Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Voicethread

Here is the outline for my voicethread:

Here you see a tablet pc already flipped. As you can see you can write on the screen with a special pen. This is useful to write something quick on the computer and save it.

Here you see the keyboard plus the screen flipped. It shows that you can also type normally without the pen. Also you see that it can be flipped around in many ways to ensure that it is easy to use.

Here you see how the pen is used to write. The lines are actually drawn by the person who is holding the pen. You can draw or write as if it was a normal piece of paper.

Here you see a person using a tablet pc to work on some music. In school we could do the same to work on our own compositions. We could also use it during other subjects like art. Then it would be a lot easier to do work on the computer.

Here you see someone working on a tablet pc in class. It shows that it can be very useful to use in school. This person is working on Science or Math. It shows that you can use it for science and math.

This Boy is writing something either for English or a modern language. It shows that you can use a tablet PC in English and other language lessons.

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